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The ‘secure electronic clinical communication Initiative’ (SECCI) is a secure electronic messaging service for use by all GPs and Specialists in Tasmania. SECCI provides a legal and effective way for GPs to electronically refer patients to Specialists, for Specialists to report back to GPs, and for GPs to receive reports and results from Specialists. The SECCI technology has been developed with funding provided by HealthConnect: it is based on Global Health’s ReferralNet product. The objective of SECCI is to deliver enhanced clinical communication through standardised electronic clinical messages. Improvement in information flow between service providers has been recognised as a critical element in health system reform. It is anticipated that SECCI will contribute to the development of an integrated healthcare delivery system that will provide high quality, cost effective care.

In 2007 the eHealth Services Research Group (eHSRG) was engaged to conduct an independent evaluation of the SECCI project. This evaluation is focused on the impact of the electronic messaging on process change and communication between GPs and Specialists in Tasmania. and in particular the pre-implementation evaluation of the perceptions and expectations of GPs and Specialists, and on the SECCI implementation process (including installation and training). The pre-implementation evaluation involved the development and distribution of a questionnaire to 200 GPs, Practice Managers and Specialists in Tasmania aimed at understanding and evaluating perceptions, attitudes and expectations of SECCI. The implementation evaluation involved the conduct of 15 semi-structured interviews and a focus group to gain insight into experiences of the roll-out of SECCI.