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The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) identified clinical handover as one of its top priorities for work in 2007-2008.  ACSQHC funded a joint project conducted by the Royal Hobart Hospital, together with the School of Information Systems, University of Tasmania. The funding for this work aimed to leverage current work already conducted in General Medicine into understanding and supporting improvement in shift-to-shift handover.

The aim of this project was to enhance and extend the original RHH clinical handover initiative to both medical and nursing handover in three areas: General Surgery, Emergency Medicine and General Medicine. The overall objective was to deliver a robust and replicable comprehensive clinical handover solution incorporating minimal data sets and enhanced standardised operating protocols to address medical and nursing shift-to-shift handover in the areas and also training workshops and manuals for the implementation of these standardised operating protocols.

For more detail on the work of the eHSRG on behalf of the Australian Commission for Safety & Quality in Health Care please visit the following web-site: