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Erin graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2003 and Bachelor of Information Systems with Honours in 2004 and a PhD in 2013. Erin is currently a unit co-ordinator in the School of Computing & Information Systems, in the subject of Business Process Management.  Her PhD in the School of Computing and Information Systems focused on exploring chronic disease self management and the role ICT may have in interpreting self management and providing self management tools and online communities.   Her primary supervisor was Associate Professor Paul Turner.

Projects involved in:


Evaluation of asbestos Risk assessment tools (Worksafe Tasmania)

Bed Occupancy and Literature Review, NSW Health
Practice Level Indicators of Safety and Quality for Primary Health Care

ACSQHC Literature Review – Discharge, Referral and Admission
Department of Health and Ageing - Inter-Professional Learning Chronic Disease Self-Management Demonstration Project.
Tasmanian community network of mentors and smart information technology solutions (SITS) for families affects by cystic fibrosis.