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 February 2012 - Meet Helen Almond

Helen, who was a qualified Nurse Practitioner (MSc) and adviser on Health policy and strategy in the UK, moved to Tasmania in 2004.  She now works part time as an Independent Advanced Specialist Nurse who advocates and empowers individuals in the understanding and management of their chronic condition and facilitates liaisons with allied health professionals and specialists where required.

Helen’s expertise in chronic disease management was utilised by eHSRG in the Inter Professional Learning Project of 2009, and her research involvement with the group continued into 2011 with the ACQSHC Project to provide a literature review and environmental scan on the development on quality and safety indicators in primary health care.

Helen has now started her PhD with eHSRG on primary health care, lifestyle, complex and chronic disease management and the impact of the e-health expansion.

December 2011 - Graduation, congratulations Dr Wong!

Ming Chao recently completed a PhD in the School of Computing and Information Systems looking at the impact of information technology on clinical handover. Her primary supervisor was Associate Professor Paul Turner.


 Ming Chao with her family, members of eHSRG and Prof Christian Nøhr.


November/December 2011 - Visit by Professor Christian Nøhr

Professor Christian Nøhr from Aalborg University, Denmark visited UTAS from the 9th of November to the 21st of December 2011.  The six week visit hosted by the eHSRG was funded by the UTAS Visiting Scholars Program.

Prof. Nøhr who has been working with Health Care Informatics for more than 25 years, conducted seminars in his main research field of technology assessment and evaluation studies, organisational change, design and implementation of information systems in health care.


From left: A/Prof Paul Turner with Prof Christian Nøhr


November 2011 - Seminar by Professor Hans-Henrik Hvolby of Aalborg University, Denmark

From left: Malcolm Bertoni, Prof Hans-Henrik Hvolby and A/ProfPaul Turner


October 2011 - Seminar by Dr Una Lynch of BRAID (Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development)

Dr Liz Cummings is part of an International consortium that is developing the European roadmap for ICT, and uses to support healthy ageing. The Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development (BRAID) Project will run for 24 months and has partners from The United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

Dr Una Lynch from Queen’s University Belfast was in Australia to present at a symposium on ICT and Ageing organised by BRAID and the Institute for Broadband-enabled Society, and visited UTAS to conduct a seminar ‘Ageing with dignity: a tale from three countries’.

 From left: Dr Elizabeth Cummings and Dr Una Lynch


June/July 2011 - Visit by Professor Andre Kushniruk and Dr Elizabeth Borycki

Academic networks between Tasmania and Canada were strengthened by a visit from Professor Andre Kushniruk and Dr Elizabeth Borycki from the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria.  The six week visit hosted by the eHSRG was funded by the UTAS Visiting Scholars Program.

Prof. Kushniruk’s work is known internationally in the area of health informatics, focusing on developing new methods for the evaluation of health information technology and studying human-computer interaction in healthcare.  Dr Borycki has an extensive background in health and nursing informatics in both industry and academia.

During the stay, Prof. Kushniruk presented a seminar on Designing Usable Healthcare Information Systems and Applications and conducted several workshops.  Both Prof. Kushniruk and Dr Borycki were available for mentoring, and began projects with UTAS researchers.


From Left: Chris Showell, Dr Leonie Ellis, Dr Elizabeth Borycki, Prof Andre Kushniruk, A/Prof Paul Turner and Brooke Turner